Earthquake and Construction Reinforcements with FRP Systems

TECHEL is Reinforcing residences, factories, bridges, and historical buildings with high tech composite material FRP systems.

End of Earthquake Concern

With the support of TECHEL Frp Systems, existing building stock can be reinforced and be prepared for Earthquakes.

Easy Application

With the use of FRP systems, without Leaving the residences or factory buildings, it can be reinforced.

Technical Support

With our experienced team, project consultancy, calculations, material supply can be given to the need of reinforcement projects.


Approach that makes the Difference!

Our experince team offers a unique solution partnership with the need of Project by both producing the FRP materials and giving engineering consultancy at the same time.



Techel & FRP Technology;

Which areas FRP can be used?

It can be used any building type, from residences to bridges can be supported by our FRP systems.

What are the advantages of FRP reinforcement on buildings?

Fiber Reinforced Plastic is a light weight and exteremly strong material. It is also durable to corrosion. Load capacity of buildings that are reinforced are extremely high compared to non reinforced buildings.

Is FRP reinforced buildings are durable to earthquake?

Yes, FRP reinforcement is applying to buildings for eliminating lose of lifes during the earthquake.

What is the origin of Techel FRP products?

TECHEL systems are 100% made in Turkey products.