Why FRP?

Composite reinforcement syetems are applied from the outer sphere to steel, wood, concrete, buildings which makes it easy to reinforce.. Among those the most common one is concrete reinforcement..

BBuilding subsystems can be reinforced with FRP for below purposes;

  • Corrosion of subsystems,
  • Carbonization and fail of concrete due to humidity,
  • Calculation failures during the production of a building,
  • Application mistakes on site,
  • Reinforcement need due to change in earthquake infrastructure rules by local goverments,
  • Functionality and change in need of use in industrial plants,
  • Increase in number of floors in a building,
  • Blast mitigation reinforcement for security purposes in strategic buildings.
These are most common use of FRP reinforcements systems with fast and cost effective application possibility.

FFRP composite system consists of: Technical Textiles like; Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, Bazalt fibers are wrapped, pasted or covered to a concrete surface with TECHEL Epoxy systems on calculated weight and strength.

Composite system is activated with the merge and curing of theses two components technical fiber and epoxy system. Which gives the reinforced subpart a unique strength for the need of the Project.

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